ACRS 2023 - AARS Innovation Award

ACRS 2023

AARS Innovation Award

1. Purpose

The purpose of this award is to encourage the young remote sensing scientists or students from Asia countries or regions to make the innovative research works in the field of remote sensing science and technologies.

2. Application and selection

2.1 The winner should be younger than 40 years old.
2.2 The winner should be from AARS Ordinary Member countries or regions.
2.3 The winner should be the first author. Only the first author will be considered for the Award.
2.4 The author should submit the full paper before the deadline to the secretariat of the coming ACRS and obtain a confirmation letter or be nominated by the member of the award committee.
2.5 The award application form including the description within 500 words about the innovative points of the paper and the Curriculum Vitae (C.V.) of the first author should be attached to the paper and sent to Chinese National Committee for Remote Sensing (CNCRS), by e-mail:
2.6 The application will be appraised by AARS and CNCRS Evaluation Committee during the coming ACRS.
2.7 The candidates should attend the coming Asian Conference on Remote Sensing and present the paper in oral or poster during the ACRS. The winner will be the two according to their scores given by AARS and CNCRS Evaluation Committee.

3. Prize

The winners will be granted the certificates of AARS Innovation Award with a gift as encouragement. At the same time, the winners will receive the right to publish their papers after peer review on the Journal of Remote Sensing without charge. In addition, the winners will be present one year free subscriptions for Journal of Remote Sensing. The prize will be supported by Chinese National Committee for Remote Sensing (CNCRS).

4. Presentation

The winners will be announced and awarded at the Closing Ceremony of the ACRS.

Application Form: AARSInnovationAward.doc