ACRS 2023 - Choen Kim Award

ACRS 2023

Choen Kim Award

The award is to promote academic and social bonding among AARS Members and among young and elder remote sensing scientists. The person who has contributed mostly for the friendship during previous ACRS events will be awarded.

Benefits: The awardee will receive a prize of $1,000, donated by Prof. Choen Kim, to cover the cost for attending the coming ACRS.

Requirement: The awardee should attend the coming ACRS event.

Duration of the award:
The award starts from 2023 and will be carried out until 2032 (10 times).

Selection Process:
AARS Members can nominate candidates for Choen Kim Award of the KSRS (Korean Society of Remote Sensing) through AARS. The Award Selection Board, formed by Prof. Choen Kim and board members of KSRS, will evaluate candidates and decide the awardee.

Contact: Secretariat of KSRS (
Prof. Taejung Kim (