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September, 2023

  • An expert meeting in the session “Asia-Pacific Geodetic Forum” of ACRS 2023, November 2, 2023

    We are delighted to invite you to an expert meeting in the session "Asia-Pacific Geodetic Forum." (9-10:30 Am, November 2). This expert meeting is within this session and is co-hosted by Taiwan's Ministry of the Interior and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, and will be integrated into the ACRS 2023 agenda.

    Objective and Agenda:

    This meeting aims to serve as a dynamic platform for the exchange of innovative ideas, presentation of cutting-edge advancements, and initiation of collaborative research endeavors in the field of geodesy. Our esteemed panel will feature four emerging scholars from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, who will share their unique perspectives and expert insights.

    Topics of Discussion:

    Airborne and Shipborne Gravimetry Superconducting Gravimetry Gravity Applications in Hydrology Marine Gravity Land Subsidence InSAR Applications Geoid Modeling

    We invite all ACRS 2023 attendees interested in deepening their knowledge and participating in substantive discussions on the aforementioned themes.

    Registration for this meeting can be found through


    我們非常高興邀請您參加 ACRS2023 session“亞太測地論壇”(Asia-Pacifc Geodetic Forum; 9-10:30 Am, November 2)中的專家會議。此專家會議由臺灣內政部和國立陽明交通大學聯合主辦,並將作為ACRS 2023 議程的一部分。




    空載和船載重力測量 超導重力測量 重力在水文學中的應用 海洋重力 地層下陷 合成孔徑雷達(InSAR)應用 大地水準面建模

    我們誠邀所有對上述主題感興趣的ACRS 2023參與者參加這場專家會議。

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