ACRS 2023 - Welcome Messages

Jing-Yang Jou
Honorable Chair of the ACRS 2023
President of National Central University

Distinguished Delegates and Guests,

I would like to express our warmest welcome to all remote sensing and spatial information sciences enthusiasts to join the 2023 Asian Conference on Remote Sensing (ACRS 2023), a primary international conference of its kind in Asia that is jointly hosted by National Central University (NCU), Chinese (Taipei) Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (CPSRS), and Asian Association on Remote Sensing (AARS). We are proud to host this prestigious conference in Taipei as the first face-to-face ACRS since 2019 and are eager to provide you a fruitful symposium with our hospitality.

Researchers around the world and across academic units try to tackle global issues, including disasters investigation and mitigation, pollution, climate change, resource over-exploitation, and environment degradation etc. With the help from remote sensing technology and in conjunction with spatial information sciences, our understanding about the world is getting better to ensure the environmental sustainability. Recently, several modern technologies are becoming trendy in science and engineering applications. For example, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning will reshape the research approaches. Clean and renewable energy will replenish fossil fuel to achieve net zero emissions. Internet of Things (IOT) will connect the world with a chain of autonomous and collaborative devices. Unmanned/robotic vehicles may be the future of transportation and mobile platform. These topics are highlighted in ACRS 2023, showing a strong capacity for innovative development from the societies. With the cutting-edge technology from the spaceborne, airborne, and ground-based instrumentation, an integration of remote sensing, geospatial information, and an advanced computational scheme will broaden our knowledge about the earth in a fast and accurate manner.

As a leading university in remote sensing and geosciences in Taiwan, NCU has long been an active partner in the associated communities. NCU is an incubation of several highly recognized institutes in the closely related fields to this conference, such as the Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research (CSRSR), and many other departments and institutes. NCU is one of the rare top institutions with a profound history, a beautiful campus, and an excellent reputation in Taiwan. NCU has performed outstandingly in the ranking for five consecutive years and is ranked top 5 in Taiwan in the Best Global Universities Rankings published by the U.S. News & World Report, which was indeed a reputation genuinely earned. I wish all the guests of the ACRS 2023 enjoy the symposium program and have a pleasant stay in Taiwan. You are also welcome to take a stroll in our campus in Taoyuan and feel the motto of NCU: “Sincerity in knowledge; simplicity in life”.

Jen-Jer Jaw
Co-Chair, ACRS 2023
President of CSPRS
Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering,
National Taiwan University, Taiwan

This is Jen-Jer Jaw, President of the Chinese (Taipei) Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (CSPRS). As looking forward to ACRS 2023, I would like to send my warm greetings and welcomes to all of ACRS partners. We shall meet each other in Taipei this October.

ACRS 2019, the last physical conference, was held in Daejeon, Korea. And soon, the pandemic forced ACRS 2020 (Deqing City, China), ACRS 2021 (Can Tho City, Vietnam), and ACRS 2022 (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia) to turn into online forms. Fortunately, COVID-19 is getting less threatening and people are on the way back to normal life. CSPRS has the privilege to resume the face-to-face meeting, ACRS 2023, in Taipei, 12 years after its last host. The working team at the Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research (CSRSR), National Central University, and CSPRS, has been making the best effort since the moment we were approved at the General Conference of AARS last October. I deeply appreciate Prof. Tsai, Fuan and Prof. Lin, Tang-Huang, the latter also the Director of CSRSR, for shouldering many nontrivial tasks and most of all guiding and picturing the clear procedural context as well as placing everything on the appropriate track. My thanks also go to all the staff and committees for helping in accomplishing every detail and getting the progress toward ACRS 2023 on a daily basis. The conference spot, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, providing a spacious layout for exhibitions and meetings, is no doubt the most fitting conference venue. We expect that you will see more than just ACRS 2023 during the conference.

We are looking forward to your visit. The generalized “we” may include people, food, culture, sightseeing, and most importantly, friendship. You must come to see and taste all these to value ACRS 2023. Hereby, writing this message, I would like to welcome all of you and deliver my greetings to wish ACRS 2023 all great success and everyone enjoying your time and having fun in Taiwan. Thank you.

Prof. Tang-Huang Lin
Co-Chair, ACRS 2023
Center for Space and Remote Sensing Research
National Central University

As known, Remote Sensing technology has ushered in a new era of environment and geoinformatics surveying on the base of providing high spatial-temporal datasets in regional and global scales. Each country is actively investing in remote sensing developments. Asian Conference on Remote Sensing (ACRS) is one of the essential platform for integrating and promoting the Advanced Remote Sensing technologies through the exchanges of current researches, achievements and new ideas in Asia.

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee of the 44rd Asian Conference on Remote Sensing (ACRS 2023), it is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the conference (hold in Taipei, Taiwan). We will make our best to organize a comfortable venue which all of the participants from government, industries and academia will enjoy to present, discuss and promote remote sensing technologies and international cooperation. Look forward to welcoming you in Taipei.

Prof. Kohei Cho,
General Secretary,
Asian Association on Remote Sensing (AARS)

Dear International Colleagues,

On behalf of the Asian Association on Remote Sensing (AARS), I would like to welcome you all to the 44th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing (ACRS) to be held from October 30th to November 3rd 2023 in Taipei. Actually, this will be the third time for us to organize ACRS in Taipei, the first time in 2000 and the second time in 2011. We all remember the successful ACRS2011 and a wonderful night view of Taipei from the Taipei 101 building.

For the past few years, the technology advancement in the field of remote sensing is significant. Cubesat/microsat, hyper-spectrometer, UAVs, AI, cloud computing, and deep learning are expanding the possibility of remote sensing. Various topics including image processing, GIS, big data, and remote sensing in various application fields will be presented and discussed at the conference.

For the past three years, due to the pandemic crisis, most of the international participants had to attend ACRS online. This year, the Local Organizing Committee of ACRS2023 is working so hard to realize the onsite conference at TaiNEX2, Taipei. Let us all get together in Taipei and have a successful face to face ACRS!

Thank you.